Storytelling 3.0 – How to tell a story in the era of AI, AR and IoT

2nd lecture
05 Oct 2017
Founders Hall

Storytelling 3.0 – How to tell a story in the era of AI, AR and IoT

Technology advances at an incredible speed every day. How can brand and marketers stay ahead of the game and make sure to use all the best tech has to offer to enhance the brand experience?

After attending NABA in Milan, graduating with a BA in Media Design and Multimedia Arts, Stefano worked as a visualizer, motion graphics artist and video editor for various advertising and event agencies.
He graduated from the Classical Animation course at Vancouver Film School and got a Goldsmiths MA in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship in London.
This was in conjunction with private clients work in Italy, UK and North America as a lead designer and animator.

Currently, he runs the visual storytelling studio Nucco Brain in London, works in the VR, animation, illustration, visual development and motion graphics fields, creating high-quality cross-media content for brands and agencies alike.

As an equity partner in iStarter, Stefano works with high-performing startups from continental Europe, who want to expand in the UK and global market.

He collaborates as Head of Services for the storytelling hub Book on a Tree, working with publishers and the best authors of stories for children and young adults worldwide.

He is also a mentor for start-ups about marketing and branding as well as supporting them during events like Google Launchpad, where he is a Lead Marketing Mentor and Keynote Speaker, and UCL Advance.